Fun Careers as an Electronic Systems Technician

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Fun Careers as an Electronic Systems Technician

If you start a job as an electronic systems technician, you’ll find that you have quite a few career options within the overall field. In addition to there being many different applications of the particular types of skills that you learn at electronic systems technician school, there are a lot of different businesses that need to hire people with these skills for different reasons. Here are some of the things to keep in mind if you’re considering whether to go to an electronic systems technician college.


An electronic systems technician typically works in low-voltage electronics. These include most appliances and the types of things you would find in the interiors of offices, homes and so forth. You won’t be dealing with power lines, buried power cables and other delivery systems that carry very high voltage electricity. Within the realm of low-voltage electronics, you’ll find everything from network cabling for computers to closed-circuit television camera systems to complex lighting systems. Studying at an electronic systems technician school gives you the skills you’ll need to work on a wide variety of different types of equipment and that means you’ll have plenty of options without ever having to move up to doing high-voltage work.


An electronic systems technician will end up doing their fair share of troubleshooting and repair. If you’re more interested in being a problem-solving type of service provider and don’t really want to work in installation, there’s plenty of work along those lines. At electronic systems technician college, you’ll develop the types of skills you’ll need to troubleshoot a wide variety of different systems and, if you happen to specialize in a certain type of system, you can always use that to your advantage, as well.

Enhancing Existing Careers

Going to electronic systems technician school is a good option for people who already have skills, in addition to those who don’t. If you have a complimentary skill and you would like to enable yourself to make more money or, for instance, if you started an apprenticeship as an electrician and want to take it in a different direction, going to school for electronic systems technician training is a great idea. It enables you to use skills that you already have and build on them and, from a business perspective, it enables you to enhance marketable skills you have or to develop your own business by being able to provide a wider range of services.

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